Toothbrush Recycling Scheme



Please note: Unfortunately, there are currently no alternatives to Nylon toothbrush bristles on the market (other than boar hair. Even alternatives made from plant sources are made into a Nylon :( 


To help reconcile this issue; Georganics have launched an ingenious Zero Landfill return scheme for their used toothbrush heads (partnering with Terracycle). So in the New Year, either pop your brushes back to us when you’re done, or collect 10 to qualify for a Freepost, and send them directly to Georganics for recycling. Please email us at: for more information.


If this doesn't suit you, then why not reuse them? They are great for cleaning small/intricate things! Like ornaments, small toys, keyboards, bike chains, grout between tiles… and even post gardening finger nails :)

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