The Bamboo Safety Razor is a great plastic-free & zero-waste alternative to disposable plastic razors (which are rarely recycled). This premium razor is beautifully made and designed to last a lifetime. Jungle Culture are an ethical British company, renowned for the quality of their handmade products.


This razor offers a quality shave and will also save the owner money in the long run. Safety razor blades only cost around £0.09 per blade (approximately £9 for 100), whereas plastic razors cost around £1.75 per blade. If you would like to buy this as a gift or with a shave bar, we recommend the plastic-free shaving kit which includes the vegan shaving bar & blades. 




For a quick shave rub a Friendly Shave bar in wet hands to create a velvety lather and apply it to the area. Let the razor head glide over your skin without applying any pressure. For best results use after a shower or bath.




The safety razor is comprised of a quality stainless steel head with an organic bamboo handle. 


Please note; the price advertised is per razor.



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