This plastic-free kit makes a great gift for any budding eco-warriors. An easy swap and zero-waste alternative to disposable plastic razors - which are very rarely recycled. This kit will also save the owner money in the long run!


Jungle Culture are a British brand renowned for the quality of their handmade bamboo products. Their premium razors are beautifully made and offer a quality shave. The kit includes an orange & lavender shaving soap & free blades. The Friendly shaving bar has been specially formulated for it's natural and soothing properties. It is handmade with castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, kaolin clay, lavender and orange essential oils, aloe vera, water. And nothing else. It is vegan-friendly, palm-oil free, cruelty-free, and free of synthetic chemicals.


Much more economical in the long run; safety razor blades cost approximately £0.08 per blade (around £8 for 100), whereas plastic razors cost around £1.75 per blade! But most importantly, this is a far more environmentally friendly alternative.




For a quick shave rub the bar in wet hands to create a velvety lather and apply it to the area. Let the razor head glide over your skin without applying any pressure. For best results use after a shower or bath.




The safety razor is comprised of a quality stainless steel head with an organic bamboo handle. The shaving bar ingredients are: Sodium cocoate, Sodium olivate, Aqua, Sodium castorate, Kaolin (clay), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil contains linalool, limonene, geraniol, Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) essential oil contains limonene, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice.


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ECO SHAVE KIT Bamboo Safety Razor, Shaving Soap & Blades

  • Jungle Culture are an ethical British company renowned for their quality bamboo products. They use the finest materials. The safety razors are expertly crafted and designed to last a lifetime. This plastic-free shaving kit includes a free shaving bar & blades. It is vegan friendly, palm-oil free and free of synthetic chemicals.

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