This toothbrush has a shorter handle ideal for kids. Made from sustainable FSC Beechwood, the handle is biodegradable and suitable for home compost. Every tree cut down is re-planted and excess material is used to heat up the factory. Made in Germany, these soft BPA-free nylon bristles are ideal for deciduous and kids' permanent teeth. With reduced size bristles for small teeth and mouths. 


Georganics Beechwood toothbrushes are designed for the head to snap off. Once you're finished using it, you can compost the handle and return the heads (10+) to Georganics for recycling as part of their Zero To Landfill Scheme. 




Beechwood Handle*, Nylon Soft Bristles^, Paper Box*. *Compostable, ^Z.T.L. Recyclable.


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  • Georganics are committed to sustainability and operate a Zero to Landfill Scheme. All packaging is biodegradable and any hard to recycle parts such as the toothbrush heads can be sent to FREE POST Georganics for recycling (in batchs of 10).

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