These zero-waste non-sponges are a great alternative to disposable plastic sponges and ideal for eco-friendly washing up. The natural hessian scrubbers are stuffed with recycled cotton & bamboo providing an absorbent and flexible filling. It is double layered with a rough burlap surface, making it extremely durable and great for scrubbing.


They are really easy to maintain. Just throw them in the washing machine every 4 days – and reuse them again and again. Made with plant-based materials it is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Cut it up into pieces at the end of its life, and it will rot down quicker.




  • Handmade in Sheffield, England, UK
  • Made from Plant-Based Materials
  • Zero-Waste & Compostable




Rinse and wring out your sponge thoroughly after use, and let it dry naturally. Throw it in your washing machine every 4 days. Alternatively, you can rinse it in the dishwasher or sterilise it by giving it a quick blast in the microwave.




Hessian, Recycled Cotton & Bamboo (Unused Off Cuts).

PLASTIC FREE Washing Up Non-Sponge


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