Join the mission to wipe out single-use plastics by making this easy switch to a zero-waste alternative. Save money, stay hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution whilst on the go. These bottles not only look and feel great, but they are also extremely versatile. Enjoy a hot coffee or two on your way into work. Rinse, and fill with ice-cold water for the journey home. With its vacuum seal lid and triple-layered insulation, it keeps drinks HOT for up to 12 hours, or COLD for 24 hours. FOSH bottles have a wider neck than traditional water bottles, which makes them easier to fill with hot tea, coffee, or even soup on a cold day! Perfect for adding large ice cubes to cold water and drinks in the summer months. With a 550 ml capacity, they're just the right size for two mugs/ two glasses of liquid.


Take your FOSH bottle with you wherever you go; you'll drink more liquids, save money and prevent plastic pollution at source.


Find your nearest FREE water refill station here, For Our Seas Health :)




  • The airtight seal means you can throw it in your bag and it won't leak.
  • Bright yellow durable powder-coated finish. Designed for the trials of everyday life. 
  • FOSH (For Our Seas Health) are dedicated to wiping out single-use plastics.
  • Ideal for commuting. Keeps coffee hot on your way into work, and fill with cold water for the journey home. Great for travelling, camping, festivals and general out & aboutness.




Made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, non-toxic and BPA free. Please note that there is some plastic in the lid and part of the insulation. However, as part of our zero-waste promise and our closed-loop sustainability operation, you can return your bottle to SO JUST for recycling at the end of its life, and we'll give you a £5 off 'reward' on your next bottle or zero-waste box purchase. Bear in mind; this will be a very long time from now, as they are built to last! Email for more information.




It is highly recommended to wash them by hand, to ensure your bottle lasts a lifetime.

FOSH Triple Insulated Drinks Bottle 550 ml Yellow

  • Start your zero-waste journey with this FOSH insulated drinks bottle. A necessary investment for any budding eco-warrior to help prevent plastic pollution at source. This versatile bottle keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for 24. Take a FOSH bottle with you wherever you go, and you'll save money, drink more fluids, and reduce plastic pollution from single-use water bottles or takeaway coffee cups.

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