Viruses are No Match for Plain, Old Soap... and an Alkaline Diet! Here's the Science...

With all the hysteria in the news at the moment, here's a little reassurance on the effectiveness of good ole' soap & water, and how it works on viruses, including the Coronavirus! Frequent handwashing with soap (for 20 seconds) is the most effective way to destroy viruses outside of the body, preventing their spread (along with coughing/sneezing into your arm).

Viruses are a self-assembled nanoparticle, in which the weakest links are their lipid (fatty) bilayer. Soap dissolves this fatty membrane, as fats are attracted to the non-polar tail part of the soap, while the polar head makes the whole complex (soap + fat molecules) dissolve in water; which inactivates & destroys the virus structure.

Already sick? Stay at home and bombard your body with alkaline drinks/foods, including high doses of vitamin C (juicing and eating lots of veggies is best!). Pathogens & disease thrive in an oxygen-free & acidic environment, increase your immune system’s ability to fight back!

“An alkaline body can absorb up to 20 times more oxygen than an acidic body.” These are the words of, Dr Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize Winner for his work on respiratory enzymes and cancer.

Having trouble finding hand sanitizer? Grate/dissolve a bar of soap into a small pan of boiling hot water, cool and then pour into a small container and carry with you where ever you go!

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