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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

None of us want to wittingly harm the environment, other species, or even vulnerable people. However, even as conscious consumers we are trapped in a default system, that will inevitably harm the environment, something or someone. Because, whichever way we turn - everything we buy comes wrapped in plastic, or contains eco-toxins (ranging from pesticides on our food to, parabens in our toiletries), or contains palm-oil, animal products, or rare-earth minerals, and has likely pumped out heaps of CO2 and pollution, during the manufacturing, shipping and disposal process.

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Between the big multi-nationals with hardly any accountability, and the national governments, who are powerless to regulate them. Nothing is ever done to change this broken system. This is because they are driven purely by, or working to, an internal economic calculus. Where their primary objectives are shareholder profits & wealth maximisation, rather than the external costs of their products, on us, the environment and other species.

In 2010, Trucost performed a study for the UN which calculated that the cost of pollution and other damage to the natural environment caused by the world's biggest companies was over $2.2 trillion. This would wipe out more than one-third of their profits if they were held financially accountable. This highlights the predicament we’re in, and why we’re unlikely to see significant change anytime soon. Sadly, time is a luxury that none of us can afford.

Another Approach?

Quite frankly, many of us have had enough. We want to opt out of this inherently unsustainable system of harm and environmental degradation. We want to help protect our fragile ecosystems, vulnerable species and our climate system (and our children!). They are, after all, our greatest assets. To degrade our life support systems, will not only impoverish ourselves and our well-being, but will affect the viability of all life on earth. They regulate our climate, clean our air, our water, provide food and renewable resources; and act as carbon and pollution sinks.

As individuals we can make a small difference; but together, we can help drive the change that is so desperately needed. As consumers, we are empowered by the choices we make. We can choose to ‘vote’ with our hard earned pennies, and opt out of an unsustainable system, that enriches some, whilst impoverishing the rest. Change, even change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. But they will be worth it in the end, certainly for our children, and our children’s children.

Where Do We Start?

By making small adjustments to our everyday routines, thinking about the products we use every day/every week, and switching to plastic-free and more sustainable alternatives wherever possible. We can reduce our environmental and carbon footprints. Turning to ethical businesses, who ensure their product ingredients are responsibly and fairly sourced. Products that use only natural ingredients, are organic and plant-based, and naturally biodegradable or 100 % recyclable. By turning our backs on plastic and synthetic chemicals, we can help detox ourselves and the environment.

We are SO JUST, and we believe there are healthier alternatives to our everyday products (healthier for us, healthier for the planet, healthier for all species :)

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