Our Mission


We are not just socially and environmentally aware – we aim to be socially and environmentally Just.

What does this mean? We believe that no one (namely big business), should profit at a cost to the earth, its species, or to its people. Furthermore, at a cost to our children’s future. Read More


The Way Forward

Alone we cannot change the world; but together we can help drive the change that is so desperately needed. As consumers, we are empowered by the choices we make. We can choose to ‘vote’ with our hard earned pennies, and opt out of a system that enriches some, whilst impoverishing the rest of us. Change, even change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. But they will be worth it in the end, certainly for our children, and children’s children. Read More

Our Promise

We do not believe in green wash, and will only work with businesses that hold the same ethical and moral values as ourselves. Who have a strong focus on the sustainability of their products and operations, and only use ingredients that have been responsibly sourced. Read More

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