The Way Forward…


Alone we cannot change the world; but together we can help drive the change that is so desperately needed. As consumers, we are empowered by the choices we make. We can choose to ‘vote’ with our hard earned pennies, and opt out of a system that enriches some, whilst impoverishing the rest of us. Change, even change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. But they will be worth it in the end, certainly for our children, and children’s children.


By scrutinising a products ingredients and components… all the way along the supply chain (from cradle to grave), we can ensure that they are responsibly and fairly sourced, and can weed out any of the undesirable or unsustainable components. This is something that we intend to do in the future (Life-cycle-analysis) and hope that other ethical businesses might join us in this endeavour. By turning our backs on plastic and synthetic chemicals, and using only natural and plant based ingredients, we can significantly decrease the toxic load in ourselves, and the environment.


We are SO JUST, and believe in healthier alternatives to our everyday body care and household products (healthier for us, healthier for the planet, healthier for all species :)


So will you join us on our mission? Sign up, if you would like to be a part .


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