Our Mission

We are not just socially and environmentally aware – we aim to be socially and environmentally Just.

What does this mean? We believe that no one (namely big business), should profit at a cost to the earth, its species, or to its people. Furthermore, at a cost to our children’s future.


We believe that we all have a responsibility, as businesses, producers, and as consumers, to actively reduce our environmental and carbon footprints. Our consumption choices should not harm the environment, or any species for that matter. By switching to more sustainable alternatives to our everyday products, we can reduce our environmental impact. Products that use only natural ingredients (organic and plant-based), and are naturally biodegradable or 100 % recyclable. 


Because we are passionate about ‘our health’ and the ‘health of the planet’; we choose to avoid the use of palm oil (even RSPO, for the avoidance of any doubt). We choose to avoid the use of plastics, and synthetic chemicals that persist, not only in the environment, but in us. We want to help protect fragile ecosystems, and the biodiversity within them (land & water).These are our greatest assets. To degrade them, is to impoverish ourselves and our well-being. They are our life support systems; cleaning our air, our water, they provide renewable resources; and act as carbon and pollution sinks. But they are at breaking point…


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